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Overview Of Ball Valves
Sep 30, 2018

Ball valve sphere is floating, under the action of medium pressure, the sphere can produce a certain displacement and tight pressure on the outlet end of the sealing surface, to ensure the export end seal. The floating ball valve is simple in structure and good in sealing, but the load of the sphere under the working medium is all passed to the outlet sealing ring, so it is necessary to consider whether the sealing material can withstand the working load of the sphere medium, and the sphere may be offset when subjected to high pressure impact.

This structure is generally used for medium and low pressure ball valves. The main characteristic of ball valve is its compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealing surface and spherical surface often in closed state, not easy to be washed by the medium, easy to operate and repair, suitable for the general working medium such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, but also suitable for working conditions of the medium, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, Methane and ethylene, etc., are widely used in various industries. The ball valve body can be whole, or it can be combined.

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