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Installation Matters Of Water Level Control Valve
Sep 30, 2018

The valve is fixed vertically on the inlet pipe, and then the control tube, the globe valve and the float valve are connected and screwed to the valve. Inlet pipe diameter should be greater than or equal to the valve nominal size, the outlet should be lower than the floating ball valve. Float valve installation should be more than one meter from the water pipe, in the water tank pipe above the water level drill a small hole, in case of direct empty backwater. When used, the cut-off valve should be fully open, like a pool of more than two valves should maintain the same level of surface. Due to the main valve close to lag float ball valve closed for about 30-50 seconds, so the water tank to have enough spare capacity to prevent overflow. In order to prevent impurities, sand particles into the valve caused work failure, the valve should be installed before the filter. If installed in the underground pool, you should install the alarm device in the underground pumping station. Hydraulic water Level control valve small size, easy to install, enable high sensitivity, small head loss without water hammer phenomenon, because the small float ball control can greatly improve the water tower utilization rate, for the new water tower due to the floating ball volume reduction to leave the water tower to float free float need to reduce the height of the water tower, to overcome the old-fashioned rod floating ring valve Low working pressure, large amount of overflow and other ills, is the new water tower and replacement of old-fashioned float valve the most ideal and suitable products.