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Flow Control Valve Operating Principle
Sep 30, 2018

Digital flow control valve Its structure is composed of automatic spool, manual spool and display part.

The display part is composed of the flow valve movement, the sensor transmitter and the electronic Calculator display part. Its work is extremely complex.

The measured water flows through the valve, the flow impact flow in the movement of the impeller, the impeller rotation and sensor signal sensor, so that the sensor issued with the traffic proportional to the telegraph number, the traffic telegraph number through the wire into the electronic calculator, after the calculator calculation, microprocessor processing, its flow value display. The manual spool is used to adjust the flow, and the desired flow value is set according to the displayed value.

Automatic spool is used to maintain a constant flow, that is, in the pipe network pressure changes, the automatic valve core will be in the role of pressure automatically open fire shut the small valve to maintain the set flow value unchanged.