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Fixed Flow Valve Action Object
Sep 30, 2018

The constant flow valve acts on the flow and is able to lock the amount of water flowing through the valve rather than the balance of resistance.

He is able to solve the dynamic problem of the system: in order to maintain the high efficiency of a single refrigerator, boiler, cooling tower, heat exchanger, these devices need to control the flow rate fixed to the rated value, from the system end, in order to avoid the interaction of dynamic adjustment, also need to limit the flow at the end device or branch. In the design should pay attention to the problem, the disadvantage of the flow control valve is that the valve has the minimum operating poor requirements, the general product requirements of the minimum working pressure 20KPa, if installed in the most unfavorable back road, it is bound to require more than 2 meters of circulating water column of the work head, so should be taken near-end installation, the method of the distal

Do not install this flow control valve when the user is more than 80% of the heat supply radius.