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The function of the plastic floating ball valve
Sep 30, 2018

The plastic float valve has automatic opening and closing of the pipe to control the function of water level.

The use of high-quality copper refining, the small size of the installation is simple, high sensitivity, low head loss, no water hammer phenomenon, can greatly improve the water tower (pool) utilization. The small hole type float valve has the function of automatically opening and closing the pipe to control the water level. For the new water Tower (pool), due to the large size of the float ball, and make the water tower (pool), the upper should be left to float the height of the free float is correspondingly reduced, reducing the cost of the water tower (pool), it overcomes the old-fashioned rod ball valve volume, easy damage, unreliable work and a large number of AIDS. It is your ideal water tower (pool) automatic control level of the latest valve, for existing towers (pools) need to replace the old-fashioned float valve is a suitable replacement products.

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