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Reasonable installation of hydraulic water level valve control valve
Sep 30, 2018

Select the type of hydraulic water level valve control valve, should be based on the product characteristics of reasonable installation. Installation precautions: Select the hydraulic valve type specification pressure to match the connection flange, inlet pipe diameter should be greater than or equal to the valve nominal size, the outlet should be lower than the floating ball valve. Float valve installation should be more than one meter away from the outlet pipe and should be installed in the position conducive to maintenance, such as the vicinity of the manhole; to prevent the hydraulic loosening of the valve core structure, the valve core piston rod both ends of the fastening nut to take anti-retreat measures. In order to prevent siphon backflow, the outlet pipe outlet should be provided with anti-siphon small hole or slightly above the control water level. To prevent noise and water level fluctuations, the outlet should be provided with a energy-dissipation cylinder. When used, the cut-off valve should be fully open, like a pool of more than two valves should maintain the same level of surface. Due to the main valve close to lag float ball valve closed for about 30-50 seconds, so the water tank to have enough spare capacity to prevent overflow. In order to prevent impurities, sand particles into the valve caused work failure, the valve should be installed before the filter.

If installed in the basement pool, you should install the alarm device in the underground pump room.

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