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How the floating ball valve works
Sep 30, 2018

Float always float on the water, when the water rises, float also rise. The drift rises to drive the connecting rod also rises. The connecting rod is connected with the valve at the other end, when it rises to a certain position, the connecting rod supports the rubber piston pad and closes the water source.

When the water level drops, the float also decreases, and the connecting rod also drives the piston pads to open. The float valve regulates the fluid supply by controlling the level of the liquid. Full-liquid evaporator requires a certain level of liquid surface, generally suitable for the use of floating ball expansion valve. The working principle of the float valve is to control the opening or closing of a valve by decreasing and increasing the action of the floating ball in the float chamber. The float chamber is placed on one side of the full liquid evaporator, and the top and bottom are communicated with the evaporator with the balance tube, so the liquid level of the two is consistent. When the liquid surface of the evaporator drops, the liquid surface of the float chamber drops, so the float drops, relying on the lever to increase the opening of the valve, increase the amount of liquid. Vice versa.