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Daily Maintenance and Repair
Sep 30, 2018

In the installation of hydraulic valve, should pay attention to the pipeline flushing clean, hydraulic valve in use, should be based on the quality of the selection of maintenance time, generally one year to maintain one to two times, when the water quality is poor, the need to increase the number of maintenance properly.

The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

(1) Close the gate valve before it.

(2) Unscrew the bolt on the bonnet.

(3) Remove the valve internal piston, piston rod and guide cover.

(4) Unscrew the nut at both ends of the piston rod.

(5) Remove the gland, seal ring, disc.

(6) Remove the guide gland, sealing ring, disc. After disassembly, the scale of each part should be removed and a variety of dirt, with wire dredge throttle nut on the small hole, replace the damaged seal. The assembly sequence and disassembly sequence are reversed.